James Dobson on The Fight for the Next Generation

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The fight for the next generation is the fight for our future.

Vladimir Lenin, father of Soviet communism and slayer of millions, once said, “Give me just one generation of youth, and I’ll transform the world.” And he was right: the generation he trained went on to transform the world. And what were those changes? David Satter summarized them in his editorial for The Wall Street Journal: “100 Years of Communism — and 100 Million Dead. The Bolshevik plague that began in Russia was the greatest catastrophe in human history.”

Today, there are those who seek to remake the United States and, following Lenin’s example, are determined to accomplish their goals by controlling the next generation. We can’t let this happen!

Our sons and daughters have become a target of indoctrination. Small children barely old enough to read are being force-fed lies regarding sex and gender. The examples abound, but two that bother me most are happening at an alarming rate in schools, libraries, and living rooms across the country. Young children are exposed to “Drag Queen Story Hour” at local libraries. And in schools and throughout the media, girls are taught to be sexually aggressive, while boys are taught that masculinity is harmful.

James Dobson

In most cases, these wide-eyed kids who are too young to even understand how they are being manipulated, are forced to absorb explicit sexual propaganda. And there is certainly no consideration by the left that the messages given will contradict the beliefs and convictions of millions of parents. I’m appalled to see our nation drifting away from its spiritual roots and indoctrinating our youth with a dangerous ideology that could destroy today’s younger generation and those yet to come.

You, Mom and Dad, are your children’s defenders. Public schools can’t be counted on to instill your sons and daughters with moral virtue, nor can the media. Not even the church can bear this weighty responsibility; Sunday mornings or Wednesday evenings spent at church can’t counteract the daily toxic messages your children are receiving. But you, as parents, must provide the care and guidance necessary to build into your kids the moral and spiritual foundation that will help them stand strong against the secular culture.

There are many other Scriptures that emphasize the same instruction. Perhaps the most relevant passage is from Psalm 78, which states precisely what God wants parents to do regarding the training of their children. These verses were intended not only for the Children of Israel but for you and me as well. This is our assignment.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, James Dobson