Jerry Wiles on True Value and Worth in the Kingdom of God

Women telling Bible stories at an Orality Training

On a return trip to West Africa it was encouraging to hear reports and testimonies from those who had received Orality Training three years earlier. Those trained were now training others and seeing many come to faith in Christ. It was a confirmation of the reproducibility of the Orality methods and strategies and how ordinary followers of Jesus can experience and share His life with others.  What a joy to know that we all can be containers of the very life of the Living Christ and communicate Him to the world around us. Orality concepts, methods and practices really do level the playing field and give ordinary followers of Jesus confidence that the Holy Spirit will work through each of us.

Fairness and Equality from God’s Perspective

While we observe unfairness and inequality in the world today, it is comforting to realize that God is an equal opportunity employer. He is no respecter of persons, and He uses any and all of those who come to Him and believe on Him. In fact, Jesus has promised that when we do so, out of our hearts, (innermost beings) will flow rivers of Living Water. Of course, He is referring to the work of the Holy Spirit and His redemptive activity.  It is wonderful to know that our true value and worth, from God’s perspective, is not based on who we are or what we have.  Our true value and worth is based on the price paid for us.  That is, the very life of Christ, which means we are all VIPs (very important persons) in His sight.

The Kind of Person God Uses

Throughout biblical and church history, we see how God often uses weak and flawed and human beings. Samuel Chadwick, late principal of Cliff College in England, has said, “It is this mystery that has filled the history of the Church with anomalies. Inadequate men (and women) are always doing impossible things, and ordinary men achieve extraordinary results. God’s biggest things seem to be done by the most unlikely people.”

Keep the Faith, Just don’t Keep it to Yourself

In our experience with Living Water International and the Orality Movement, we’ve observed significant impact in advancing the Kingdom by ordinary people. When individuals of all ages hear, understand and respond to the Gospel, they become new creations and often have great passion to share Him with others. The Gospel of Jesus really is the power of God unto salvation to all who believe, when it is delivered in the form that people can comprehend.  Someone has said that the Gospel came to us on the way to someone else. We often remind ourselves that we should keep the faith, just keep it to ourselves.

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SOURCE: Assist News Service