Hindu Radicals in India Brutally Beat Pastor for Two Hours for Sharing the Gospel

Women attend a mass inside a church to celebrate Easter in Chennai March 31, 2013. Holy Week is celebrated in many Christian traditions during the week before Easter. REUTERS/Babu

A pastor in India shared how his faith sustained him as Hindu extremists beat him almost to the point of death because of his evangelistic efforts.

International Christian Concern reports that on Aug. 21, Pastor Prasanna Kumar, 32, was attacked and brutally beaten by a mob of radical Hindu nationalists as he returned home from a prayer meeting in Bikampur village, located in the Bareilly district of Uttar Pradesh. The radicals accused the pastor of forcefully converting Hindus to Christianity.

“The attack seemed well planned,” Pastor Kumar told ICC. “I thought they were going to kill me.”

According to the pastor, a mob surrounded him and pulled him from his motorbike before beating him with wooden clubs.

“They yelled at me and accused me of converting people to the Christian faith,” Kumar told ICC. “They said that I give money to people to make them convert to Christianity.”

“I tried to talk to them, but they would not allow me to say anything,” Kumar continued. “I was bleeding from my head and was kicked around like a football.”

The attack lasted for two hours, leading the pastor to believe he was going to die.

“God gave me the grace to accept even death,” Kumar told ICC. “Scriptures were running through my mind as I was being attacked. However, when I thought about my 4-year-old daughter and my wife, I was shattered, and it was excruciating.”

When the radicals finally stopped beating Kumar, they told him they would kill him if they saw him in the village again.

Kumar reported the incident to the authorities; however, local police refused to file his complaint, accusing him of attempting to register a false report.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Leah MarieAnn Klett