Activist Calls on Christians to Condemn Atrocities Against Uighur Community in China, Says ‘This Will be the Future of the Entire World if It is Not Addressed’

“China’s Rising Threat to Human Rights” webinar was hosted by the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) on Aug. 21, 2020. | Vimeo/Screenshot

A Uighur woman has called on the Christian community to condemn the atrocities her community continues to face at the hands of the Chinese Communist Party, warning that the “tragedy of the Uighur people will be the future of the entire world if this threat is not addressed.”

Rushan Abbas, founder and executive director of Campaign for Uighurs and a former Uighur service journalist with Radio Free Asia, participated in an Aug. 21 webinar hosted by the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission that focused on China’s persecution of the Uighur Muslim community in the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region in China.

Abbas shared how her own sister and aunt disappeared — and were likely taken to internment camps — as a result of her activism.

“My story is just one of the millions,” she said. “I, like all Uighurs, must remind myself of the truth: that my actions did not cause this, but the political actions of the Chinese Communist regime did this.”

China, she said, is not just treating Uighurs as a “problem to be exterminated,” but is also seeking to control the world order and those outside its borders.

“They are literally declaring the need to rewrite the Bible and the holy Quran to be compatible with communist atheistic ideology,” she said. “While China is openly conducting genocide, the world is muted as China buys basically the compliance of the business world. … The tragedy of the Uighur people will be the future of the entire world if this threat is not addressed and if we don’t take action.”

The CCP specifically targets Uighur women, Abbas said, citing a recent report that documented dropping birth rates among Uighurs because of practices such as forced sterilization, abortion, and even the killing of babies born alive.

In concentration camps, many women are subject to mental and physical torture, including rape, Abbas said. Additionally, women are “forced to take some unknown medications that make them mentally cloudy to stop their reproductive cycles,” she revealed.

“Outside of the camps … women face constant fear and control over their daily lives,” she said, adding that Communist Party cadres will sometimes move into Uighurs’ homes to “supervise the family and give them social credit scores.”

“If you don’t comply with everything that they ask, then these people will be sent to concentration camps,” she said. “For most of those women, husbands are in those concentration camps or Chinese prisons. This creates an environment where women are vulnerable to sexual abuse.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Leah MarieAnn Klett