Social media and ministry: How smart communications directors create community and attract visitors

Moving church to an online platform has led churches to consider creating or modifying their communications teams, roles, and strategies. It’s more important now than ever before to be able to communicate well with your congregation and community, and there is no better way to do so than to ensure your communications director and team are working together to further your mission.

To help you as you discern what is best for your church and your Communications team, I spoke with a few panelists to discuss the importance of strategic communications and the intersection of social media and ministry. The panelists included:

Ryan Wakefield, Co-Founder, Church Marketing University

Haley Veturis, Director of Digital Engagement, Bayside Church

Jeremiah Bartlett, Communications Director, Southside Church

Aaron Mamuyac, Pastor of Discipleship, Outreach, & Connections, Sunlight Community Church

Social Media and Digital Media Strategies and Management

Social media is the mouth of your church and the house on the street. Social media is the house we want people to come into. It’s the space we want people to gather, engage, and get connected in the virtual world. It’s also where people are already spending their time, making it easier to connect with them.