Seeking Death but Finding Life Through Gospel for Asia Radio Program

This woman failed in her attempt of suicide, just like Jinsy did. Tragically, every year in Asia thousands of other women succeed in committing suicide.

Gospel for Asia (GFA World and affiliates like Gospel for Asia Canada) founded by Dr. K.P. Yohannan  shares the remarkable testimony of Jinsy, who suffered trauma of abuse and struggles with suicidal thoughts and deep despair. But thanks to a Gospel for Asia radio program she found healing and transformation to her life.

Jinsy stared at the container of liquid fertilizer. It had failed her—she was still breathing, still living in shame and anguish, still looking for a way of escape. Her mind rolled through her options. Hanging herself seemed a guaranteed method of suicide, but could she steel her nerves enough to make a second attempt?

Abused Girl Tries to End Life

Jinsy’s family shared a house with her uncle’s family. Although she was the youngest of three children, she was far from being the doted-on baby of the family. By the time Jinsy was in her early 20s, she carried a heart filled with pain and agony.

For one year, Jinsy had repeatedly suffered sexual abuse from a relative. Filled with shame and humiliation, she hid the terrible fact from the rest of her family, too mortified to talk to anyone about her situation. In her helplessness, she tried to handle the problem herself, and she decided to end the overwhelming shame she felt by drinking liquid fertilizer. Somehow she survived—it seemed even death would not grant her plea for escape.

This woman failed in her attempt of suicide, just like Jinsy did. Tragically, every year in Asia thousands of other women succeed in committing suicide.

But Jinsy would later realize that a compassionate God was watching over her during her attempted suicide and offered her the true path to healing.

Hope Instead of Suicide

In the midst of her agony, Jinsy still found enjoyment in listening to the radio, a favorite pastime of many in Asia.

One particular day, the loving God who saved Jinsy from the effects of poison also led her to a radio program she had not heard before. The radio speaker, Gospel for Asia pastor Harichandra, spoke about the purpose of life. His words brought deep encouragement to Jinsy’s raw heart, and she felt God was speaking specifically to her. The light of hope pierced the darkness she was living in, driving out the thoughts of suicide that had plagued her so persistently.

Escaping Her Shame

At the end of each program, Pastor Harichandra gave a phone number for any listener who wanted to contact him in response to the program. Our radio broadcasters commonly share a phone number to provide people with an opportunity to request more information. As listeners narrate their heartbreaking situations, Gospel for Asia radio staff do everything they can to help each person, whether that means praying for them, offering encouragement and counsel, or connecting them with pastors in their area who can meet with the listeners and pour into their lives.

Gospel for Asia radio program staff personally reply to communications received from radio listeners and help listeners in any way they can.

As the program Jinsy listened to came to a close, she was unable to write down the contact number, so she tuned in another day to hear the next broadcast from Pastor Harichandra. That message was just as encouraging as the first broadcast she heard. This time, Jinsy excitedly dialed the number and talked with Pastor Harichandra.

After Pastor Harichandra prayed for her and offered more encouragement, Jinsy felt as though a heavy burden had rolled away. She kept in touch with the radio staff, and Jesus did His transforming work in her heart.

Jinsy’s shame melted away, and she found courage to talk about her situation. Moreover, Jinsy read literature and a New Testament she received from the radio staff, and her heart soon urged her to welcome Jesus as her Savior.

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SOURCE: Assist News Service