Palestinians Feel Betrayed After UAE-Israel Deal

Scenes from Bethlehem, empty during COVID-19 lockdown. (photo courtesy of Bethlehem Bible College on Facebook)

On August 13, Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) signed a peace deal normalizing relations between the two countries. The UAE is the third Arab country to form this kind of relationship with Israel, along with Egypt and Jordan.

The deal opens diplomatic relations, direct flights, commerce, and tourism between the two countries. As part of the agreement, Israel agreed to halt plans to annex more of the West Bank from Palestinians.

To Palestinians, though, this deal feels like a betrayal. Israeli jets continue to bomb Palestinian territory, and much of the annexation that is taking place is not exactly official.

Jack Sara, President of Bethlehem Bible College says, “I think the UAE is kind of whitewashing in front of the other Arab nations so that they would not see it as a betrayal. I don’t think the Israeli leadership is going to lay down or lay aside the whole plan for annexation.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Kevin Zeller


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