Monsoon Flooding in India Creates Gospel Opportunities

Image courtesy of World Mission.

Monsoon season is taking a toll on India. Heavy rains impact life throughout the country, India Today reports, with worsening flooding in northern states.

India is tough on Jesus-followers, yet World Mission’s Greg Kelley says God is at work using a bad situation to make Christ known.

“It’s one of the most difficult places to share the Gospel because of the majority Hindu and Muslim areas. Now, with COVID and monsoon, it’s a real challenge,” Kelley says, describing the situation in India.

“But, as we see time and time again, God has a way of working in those tragic moments when people are in the valley of their lives [to open hearts] to the Gospel.”

Why is flooding so bad this year?

Monsoon rains are seasonal and therefore expected. However, this year’s rainfall and regional population growth make the damage worse.

“Every year, they know the monsoon is coming. [It’s] just a matter of the degree of severity, and this year is probably the worst in five years,” Kelley says about current rainfall.

Plus, “the population in India continues to grow and grow and grow. A village that was 50 people a couple of years ago is now 250 people. So, you have a compounding effect on the number of lives affected.”

Heavy rains and flooding in the Bihar state have affected more than eight million people so far. The poorest of the poor suffer most. “We’ve gotten reports of hundreds and hundreds of people living in trees, just for the sake of getting to dry ground,” Kelley says.

“If you’re not fortunate enough to get into the high ground, you’re planning on your family living in a tree until the floodwaters recede.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Katey Hearth


  • Pray for people who’ve been affected by this flooding. Pray they will encounter the love and hope of Christ.
  • Pray for World Mission’s national partners. Pray for their safety, and for an ongoing spirit of courage to enter persecuted areas.