Kansas City Pastor Getting ‘to the Heart of the Matter’ of Crime

After a year of planning, Kansas City Pastor Darron Edwards launched “Getting to the Heart of the Matter,” an initiative to help stop crime before it starts. Screen capture from KSHB.com

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (BP) – Like a lot of cities, Kansas City has seen a dramatic increase in violent crime this year. And at least one pastor is looking to do something about it.

Darron Edwards, pastor of United Believers Community Church, wrote “Getting to the Heart of the Matter,” a 10-step plan designed to get at the root of crime and use relationships and strategic partnerships to stop crime before it begins. The plan launched August 11 and already has 29 faith communities involved.

Edwards, who also serves on the trustee board of LifeWay Christian Resources, said Kansas City has seen more than 120 homicides so far this year, 40 more than the same timeframe last year. In light of the increase in violent activity and civil unrest, he said the plan, which he worked on for more than a year, is needed more than ever.

The initiative’s mission statement reads: “To provide a base of strong support to the community as well as the [Kansas City Police Department]. To establish the Faith community as a bridge between these groups to enhance trust, communication and cooperation.”

For Edwards, the faith element is crucial.

“The faith community has the best attempt to bridge that gap,” Edwards said. “God Himself calls us to be repairers and restorers to the broken.”

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Source: Baptist Press