8 Encouraging Statements From Church That Still Bring Me Joy, and the Lessons I Learned

Yesterday, I posted on “8 Painful Statements I Still Remember as a Pastor.” As I wrote that post, I couldn’t help but think also about the many, many encouraging statements I’ve heard as a pastor. Here are some that still lighten my heart today:

  1. “It means so much to us that you’re here.” A family member had taken her life, and I had no idea what to say. I feared my silence made me an unprepared pastor – but I learned the power of the ministry of presence.
  2. “We commit to walking with you through this.” I had just broken off a marriage engagement, and I offered my resignation to the church’s deacons. Their love and continued support for me kept me in ministry.
  3. “Something’s happened to you.” To be honest, I had asked the Lord to break me of anything that stood in the way of my relationship with Him. He did that—in some painful ways at times—but folks apparently noticed that my passion for the Lord had changed. How I long to live that way today!
  4. “My son said he really enjoyed your sermon today . . . and he could tell me about it.” Her son was in his early elementary school years, and most of us assumed he never listened during church. It made my day that he understood what I said—and it reminded me to preach to the entire congregation. If children understand, adults will, too.

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Source: Church Leaders