Lecrae candidly talks marriage issues, depression, trap of fame and power of God’s restoration

Grammy Award-winning, Billboard-topping artist Lecrae opened up about the painful yet rewarding process of restoration following much success, deep depression, and almost losing his marriage.

The founder of Reach Records has released what might be his final full-length album, Restoration. It’s his most vulnerable album yet. The album is accompanied by a three-part YouTube series, titled “The Road to Restoration,” and a book to be released Sept. 13, titled I Am Restored: How I Lost My Religion But Gained My Faith.

On choosing to be transparent and vulnerable, the artist said, “You’re going to have to be fully known in order to be fully grown. That’s just what’s going to have to happen. So I wanted to model that. I think Jesus models it perfectly by Him in the garden sweating and asking, could His friend stay up and pray with Him? That’s some serious vulnerability.”

In an interview with The Christian Post, the iconic emcee spoke candidly about his new album, where he currently is in life and what led him to the place he is now in God.

Christian Post: In your music and your new YouTube series, “The Road to Restoration,” you’ve given us a glimpse into your personal life. Can you talk about wanting to open up that door for the world to really see the man behind the artist?

Lecrae: I just think it was time. I wanted people to be able to see who I was as a human being and that’s really a large part of my being restored, my faith being restored, my mental, emotional, spiritual self — finding healing there was being free to not be a caricature, being free to be all of myself and to let people see that for who I was.

CP: At the start of the YouTube series, young Lecrae is heard talking about your dreams of marriage and musical success. How was it realizing that the dreams you had as a child came true?

Lecrae: That was crazy to me. Watching it was the first time I realized that all those things being put together. So that was mind-blowing. I had to take a minute and be like, “Wow, God is good. Thank you, mom for supporting me.” It was just kind of crazy to realize. It made me more grateful. It made me more appreciative of some of the things that I’ve gotten to experience in life.