74 Pastors and Church Leaders Want Ohio to Declare Pornography a Public Health Crisis

A sex trafficking victim waits for customers. | REUTERS/CLARO CORTES

More than six dozen clergy members are calling on county officials in Ohio to declare pornography a public health crisis and hope to see similar action taken at the state level.

Pastors from 74 different congregations endorsed a draft resolution calling on the board of Richland Public Health to declare pornography “a public health crisis.”

The clergy want the county health board to push for the “enforcement of obscenity laws” and increased “regulation of pornography on the Internet at both the state and federal levels in order to protect citizens and minors from such exposure.”

“Our hope is this resolution will encourage education, prevention, research, and policy changes at the state level to confront pornography’s proliferation on the Internet and in society,” Rev. El Akuchie of Godsfield House of Prayer, the co-founder of Richland Community Prayer Network, said in a statement.

Akuchie and other signatories see a link between the pornography industry and human trafficking.

“Pornography creates a sexually toxic environment intertwined with the perpetuation of prostitution, and the modern-day slavery of human trafficking, with over half of sex trafficking victims reporting they were required to learn and perform sexual acts according to depictions in pornography,” the resolution explains.

Akuchie said that due to pornography’s affiliation with human trafficking, the pastors are calling on the county to declare a public health emergency.

“As a diverse group of clergy, we believe if word got out of a multi-sector partnership between engaged faith community and local government, strategically, it could deter potential human traffickers from establishing operations in our region,” the reverend stated.

According to Pastor James Marshall of Ganges Community Church in Shelby, human trafficking is a major problem in Ohio.

“The Ohio Department of Health (ODH) is a member of the Governor’s Ohio Human Trafficking Task Force, and according to its website, ranks Ohio as fifth among all states in total reported human trafficking cases,” he said.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Ryan Foley