TeachBeyond Helping to Restart Education Worldwide

Image shows students attending a school in Tanzania. (Photo courtesy of TeachBeyond on Facebook)

One of COVID-19’s most widespread casualties so far has been the education of young people all over the world. Over 1 billion students were affected this year as schools shut down to avoid transmission of the virus.

David Durance says TeachBeyond often has to deal with situations like the one in Northern Kenya, where teachers have been targeted for violence in order to disrupt education. But the pandemic has made everything worse. “I think at one point, during the spring of this year, all of our projects around the world [were] not able to deliver a face-to-face education.”

How is TeachBeyond bringing back school? It’s complicated. Durance says the government response to the pandemic has been very different in different countries, so TeachBeyond has to be flexible.

It’s so important that kids get back to regular education, Durance says. “These are critical years for these kids that won’t be gotten back. So how do we address that? There’s been a number of incredibly creative approaches. For example, in Africa where the internet’s not very good, lessons were delivered via WhatsApp, because there were no computers at home. In some of the more wealthy places where there’s great internet, we were able to deliver fantastic online schooling and do zoom calls every day.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Kevin Zeller


  • Pray that kids can resume schooling safely, and not lose huge chunks of their education to the pandemic.
  • Ask God to protect TeachBeyond teachers as they travel to their schools.