Jerry Newcombe on George Washington’s Admonition to America

Last Thursday night (8/13/20), the statue-topplers tore down another statue of the father of our country, just after they defaced it. This statue of George Washington stood in Grand Park near Los Angeles City Hall since 1933. The war on America as founded continues unabated.

A couple of months ago, political cartoonist Michael Ramirez had a brilliant piece showing a statue of George Washington with this description:

  • Father of our country
  • First president of the United States
  • Defeated one of the most powerful nations in the world.

On the other side of the drawing was a caricature of a woke social justice warrior. His name was “Imah Luzer.” And his achievements were also listed:

  • Scored 300 on XBOX
  • Won participation trophy
  • Created safe space
  • Lives with parents.

The Imah Luzer character holds a rope, lassoed around the bronze likeness of Washington, which he is about to yank down. Today it seems that many of those who have accomplished nothing positive are trying to tear down reminders of those who have accomplished great things, including heroes of the past. To borrow a phrase (from a different context) from Pulitzer-winning historian Barbara Tuchman, this is “a barbarian’s gestures of anger against civilized things.”

Washington is a genuine hero, but some today are making him into a villain. The reason, of course, is slavery.

George Washington grew up as a gentleman farmer in colonial Virginia and was a fourth generation slave-owner. But by the end of his life, he had decided slavery was immoral and so, at his death, he freed his slaves and made provision for them. But there is no atonement to the Left. There is no forgiveness of sins. Because George Washington owned slaves, he is unforgiveable to these woke social justice warriors.

Nonetheless, there are many warnings that George Washington made that I think modern Americans could learn from, including these mobs of woke social justice warriors.

First of all, there is the matter of gratitude to God. The “woke” mob seems to operate from a sense of entitlement. The world owes them everything. Washington operated from a Christian perspective, where he asked for God’s help at virtually every turn and where he thanked the Lord for His help.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Jerry Newcombe