Prime Minister Modi Lays Foundation for Hindu Temple on Ruins of a 16th-century Mosque, Heightening Religious Tensions

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi (center) performs the groundbreaking ceremony of a temple dedicated to the Hindu god Lord Ram in Ayodhya, India, on Wednesday. Rajesh Kumar Singh/AP

Recent developments in India pit Hindus against Muslims, the country’s largest religious minority. According to Greg Musselman with Voice of the Martyrs Canada, Christians lose either way.

“You’ve got these tensions rising up between the Muslims and the Hindus, and Christians are getting caught in it,” Musselman says.

“As followers of Jesus, we have an understanding that the truth is Jesus Christ; there’s only one way to get to Him, and that conflicts with the [views of] Hinduism and Islam.”

From past…

India’s religious battle lines are as old as time. “There has been this ‘festering’ going on for many, many centuries,” Musselman says. Though Hinduism has its roots in ancient India and is considered one of the world’s oldest religions, “you have the history of the Church going right back into the first century; Christianity has been there for 2,000 years,” Musselman continues.

How Christianity came to India.

“At times, it has experienced growth; other times, you know, it’s been challenged, but it continues to go forward.”

Religious divisions gained “official” status following WWII and the end of British rule. As described here, widespread violence surrounded Pakistan’s separation from India in 1947; Bangladesh followed a few years later.

“There was all that animosity there, and I guess the hope was [things would calm down] when the country was divided between Pakistan and East Pakistan, which is now Bangladesh,” Musselman explains.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Katey Hearth


  • Pray believers’ Gospel witness will draw many to Christ.
  • Ask the Lord to encourage and strengthen His followers in India. Pray they will sense the support of Christian brothers and sisters worldwide.