Coronavirus and Chaos Cannot Stop Gospel Growth in Central America

Image courtesy of World Missionary Press

Despite the current pandemic, millions of people around the world are finding hope in the Gospel.

“The COVID issue has really impacted churches and the individuals, and even physical needs, but the believers there have taken those opportunities and found ways to continue to reach,” says Helen Williams, freight shipments coordinator with World Missionary Press. “Their faithfulness and their passion to show the love of Christ and include the Word and to get it to the people has been so encouraging.”

World Missionary Press has seen an increased demand for Scripture pamphlet distribution, especially in Central America. Current orders for this literature total 3.7 million across the seven countries in Central America that WMP works in, according to their website.

“There’s just a grabbing for it, if you will. Here’s something to believe in, here’s something that will answer the questions,” Williams says. “The booklets are just filling a need right now because they can be given and read individually.”

Many distributors work with WMP around the world, sometimes risking their lives to provide these booklets to those seeking God. “These people are just staying with the work and staying within the confines of what they can do. But God is showing them ways to continue to minister and to show the love of Christ and His Word,” she says. “We have people on the ground that have been there doing this for years.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Briana Dortch


  • Pray for God’s hand in the evangelizing efforts of WMP.
  • Pray that people will find hope in Christ in the midst of this pandemic.
  • Pray a prayer of protection over those risking their lives to further Christ’s kingdom.