‘America Is at a Crossroads’: John Kasich Delivers DNC Speech From Literal Crossroads

Former Ohio Governor and 2012 Republican presidential candidate John Kasich delivered his DNC speech at a literal crossroads on Monday night — calling for all Americans, regardless of party, to support Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

“America is at that crossroads, sometimes elections represent a real choice. A choice we make as individuals and as a nation about which path we want to take at challenging times. America is at that crossroads today,” Kaisch said, standing at a crossroads.

“The stakes in this election are greater than any other in modern times. Many of us have been deeply concerned about the current path we have been following for the past four years. It’s a path that led to division, dysfunction, irresponsibility, and growing vitriol between citizens. Continuing that path will have terrible consequences for America’s soul because we’re being taken down the wrong road by a president who has pitted one against the other.”

The former governor continued with his crossroads metaphor and asked his fellow Republican viewers to choose “a better way forward” — noting that “many of us can’t imagine four more years down this path.

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Source: Mediaite