Three Christians Brutally Beaten by Hindu Extremists in India for Following ‘Foreign God’

Pastor Ramnivas Kumar

Three Christians were brutally beaten by Hindu extremists angered by the believers’ acceptance of what they called a “foreign faith” and “foreign God.” 

Pastor Ramnivas Kumar, who leads a church in Ranjitpur village, Bihar state, told Morning Star News that he and two other Christians were explaining the Gospel to two Hindu friends over tea at his house when they heard neighbors shouting outside the door.

“They were hurling abuses at me, accusing me of accepting a foreign faith and following a foreign God,” Kumar told the outlet.

When the pastor asked the Hindu extremists why they had intruded onto his property and were “hurling abuses” at him about his faith, they began beating him and the two other Christians who were at his house.

Kumar, who has an artificial leg, was unable to sufficiently defend himself from the attacks.

“They started beating us with steel rods and wooden sticks. Both the brothers received blows on their heads, and they were soon bleeding profusely,” the pastor said. “I was also hit and could not control the mob from striking the four guests who were visiting us.”

When asked by police to explain their actions, the assailants “very tactfully flipped the matter and told the police that they were worried that four persons forced their way into Ramnivas Kumar’s house, and that they had come in time to rescue him from daylight robbery,” the pastor recalled.

“The police listened to their version but did not pay heed to us. Our pleas fell on deaf ears,” he said.

The officers told Kumar that his four guests were “outsiders, and they could be killed if they [had] entered someone’s house to commit robbery.” After that, they arrested his two Christian guests based on the false accounts of their Hindu attackers.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Leah MarieAnn Klett