Michael Brown on Some illuminating content in the Biden-Sanders ‘Unity Plan’

The 110-page, Biden-Sanders “Unity Plan” was released last month, but I failed to review it until just this week. Some keyword searches yielded some very interesting — and revealing —results.

For example, God is never mentioned in the document. Not once.

As for “religion,” that is found one time, specifically in the section dealing with private schools. It reads: “Prohibit the disbursement of federal funds to organizations or providers that discriminate based on race, sex, religion, disability, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, or immigration status.”

As for the word “faith,” it occurs four times. But two of those are in the phrase “bad faith.” The other two clearly refer to the Islamic faith, in this description of some of the alleged horrors of the Trump administration’s immigration policy: “banning people from traveling to the United States based on their faith or their country of origin” (repeated twice, verbatim, in the document). Accordingly, there are three references to Muslims and none to Christians or Jews.

Suffice it to say, then, that protecting the religious rights of Americans, especially American Christians and Jews, is not a focus of this plan. That, however, should occasion no surprise, since the Democrats last year boasted about being the party of the religiously non-affiliated. (For the record, “Israel” is mentioned but once, and in this benign context: “The United States will invite China, the EU, Israel, Sweden, Canada, the United Kingdom and other countries to be partners in designing breakthrough technologies through the Clean Energy Ministerial’s Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage Initiative and Mission Innovation.”)

In stark contrast to the absence of references to God and the paucity of references to faith, the word gender occurs 22 times.

More importantly, “transgender” occurs twice, and in very specific contexts: “we will act expeditiously to reinstate Department of Education guidance protecting transgender students’ rights under Title IX and make clear that schools shall not discriminate based on LGBTQ status.” (This is repeated, although not verbatim, later in the plan.)

Put another way, young ladies in high school, get ready to have boys who identify as girls sharing your bathrooms and locker rooms, by federal mandate. And individual states, expect to lose your federal school funding should you refuse to comply.

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Source: Christian Post