Jack Cassidy Shares Personal Story of Overcoming Drug Addiction and Struggles With Fear and Self-Worth in New Song “Run at the Giant”

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Jack Cassidy, the nephew of David Cassidy and Shaun Cassidy of the “Partridge Family,” has released a new Christian single, titled “Run at the Giant,” after overcoming drug addiction.

The song explores his story of overcoming drug abuse, which he pegs as the giant in his own life. Cassidy comes from a famous family, starting with his grandmother, Oscar Award-winning actress Shirley Jones. His uncles David and Shaun Cassidy were both teen pop stars, and the talent in the family continues with his parents and now him.

“The Voice” contestant is open about his past public battles with depression and anxiety, which led to his addiction as a way to self-medicate and numb the pain.

Cassidy’s drug of choice at the time of his addiction was cocaine until one night in the midst of an overdose he dropped to his knees and begged God to save him. He felt as if he was having a heart attack and he believes the Lord kept him alive.

“Run at the Giant” is Cassidy’s “David and Goliath” story, where through God, he testifies that he was able to overcome cocaine but also struggles with fear, rebellion, self-worth, mental illness, and even atheism. Cassidy wants his song to encourage others to defeat the giants in their life.


The following is an edited transcript of The Christian Post’s interview with Cassidy about his new single.

CP: Let’s talk about your single “Run at the Giant” and how this song came to be.

Cassidy: “Run at the Giant” is about how the biggest hurdles and challenges in our lives, even the things that have completely crippled us, are now possible to face and to overcome now that God is with us, and is working on us, and teaching us to charge in Faith.

CP: How has your family been a support for you pursuing your own career, and how have they influenced you?

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Jeannie Law