‘It’s spread like wildfire’: More than 40 members of same family – including five-month-old twins and 77-year-old – contract coronavirus plague after relative – who knew she was infected – flew from Arizona to West Virginia funeral – and didn’t wear a mask

More than 40 members of the same family have tested positive for COVID-19 after a relative who knew she had the virus traveled in from another state to attend a funeral in Kentucky.

Polly Williams, of Kermit, West Virginia, says she was desperately saddened to learn of the death of her cousin on June 30, but the scenes that have transpired in the weeks since her funeral have been nothing short of her ‘worst nightmare’.

Williams and a dozen or so other members of her family came together on July 2 in nearby Dunlow to mourn the loss of Keenetha Brige.

One of the attendees, Williams learned, would be travelling in from Arizona to be with the family and assist them with funeral arrangements.

What she wasn’t told, however, was that the attendee’s husband and son – who didn’t make the trip – had tested positive for coronavirus days before she arrived and she too was exhibiting symptoms.

‘My relative from out-of-state wasn’t feeling well, but I didn’t think a lot about it,’ Williams told the Mountain Citizen, declining to identify the relative by name. ‘I figured she was tired from her flight and lack of sleep. She never said one word about fearing her illness was something serious.’

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Source: Daily Mail