Ray Comfort on How to Respond When Someone Says ‘I Don’t Care What Happens to Me After I Die’?


What do you say to someone who says, “I don’t care what happens to me after I die”?

Many years ago I had a bird aviary. One day I purchased a pair of Java Sparrows. Usually when you buy birds from a bird store they put them in a brown paper bag, turn the top, then put staples in the top and cut a little nick out of the paper bag so the birds can breathe. I took the bag to my office and put it on my desk. When someone came into the office, we had the same scenario every time.

Ray Comfort

They would see the bag moving by itself and say, “What is that?” I would say, “It is some new birds that I have bought.” They would pick up the bag and have a look, and as they were looking in they would say, “Wow! What sort of birds are those?” and I would take great delight in saying, “Mexican Eye-peckers!”

That’s when they would pull the bag away like greased lightning. We instinctively value and protect our eyes. Imagine if I was an eye doctor, and I was offering one million dollars for an eye. I want to do eye transplants, and I’m prepared to pay you one million dollars for one of your eyes. I would painlessly replace it with a glass eye that would look as good as your other eye — but it wouldn’t look as good, if you see what I mean. You would be blind in one eye.  Would you sell an eye for one million? You might say, “Perhaps.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Ray Comfort