How Rewriting History Can Reshape Truth

Image courtesy MichaelGaida via Pexels.

There’s a strange trend emerging as the world wrestles with pandemic uncertainty. In the USRussia, and portions of the Middle East, people are trying to rewrite history by tearing down or changing monuments.

While some call it justice, others voice concern.

“It’s a real danger, not just in ancient history, but in today’s history,” Denise Godwin with International Media Ministries says.

“Yes, bad things have happened. But there are important facts that we need to take forward with us in looking at that history.”

Godwin points to the early Church as an example. In the third century, Arianism posed a lethal threat to Gospel truth. More about that here. “Arius was trying to rewrite history; that rewrite was dangerous to people knowing that they are saved by God’s sacrifice of Jesus on the cross,” she explains.

Thankfully, someone stood up for truth.

“Anthony [of Egypt] came out of the desert and stood strong, and he was so famous, they wouldn’t kill him,” Godwin describes.

“Because of this, the Nicene Council happened and defined faith and that Christ was God.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Katey Hearth


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