Gospel for Asia Pastor Plans Grocery Distribution

Pastor Bhaskar with two women blessed with food packages.

GFA pastor Bhaskar hung up the phone after talking to yet another one of the 270 people who regularly attended his church. Coordinating a distribution program during the COVID-19 pandemic took an even greater amount of planning and care than usual, due to the precautions needed. There were definitely people in the area where he served who needed help.

When the COVID-19 lockdown first went into place, Pastor Bhaskar urged his congregation to look for any ways to help needy families around them. The majority of villagers farm for a living; whether or not they went to bed hungry depended on if they could sell their crops at the market—but the lockdown kept them home. Food was in major demand; rice, tomatoes, potatoes and bottle gourds would be perfect items to distribute.

Pastor Bhaskar and his congregation helped 25 families by providing groceries.

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SOURCE: Assist News