Kansas Pastor Adam Carter Asks for Help to Find Missing Wife and Mother of Three After She Disappeared While Traveling to Alabama

A family photo of Pastor Adam Carter | Screenshot/Facebook

Pastor Adam Carter of Leawood Baptist Church is pleading with social media users to “help us find my sweet wife,” even as police in Kansas and nearby states are searching for 36-year-old Marilane Carter, a mother of three.

“Please help us find my sweet wife. If you see anything please contact law enforcement. #findmarilane,” Carter wrote on Twitter. A Facebook page has also been created to help find Marilane.

Marilane left her home in Overland Park last Saturday, driving to Birmingham, Alabama, to seek mental health treatment, and was last seen in Memphis, southwest Tennessee, according to KSHB.

A woman said she helped Marilane get gas. Afterwards, she was seen going into the bathroom, wearing a white shirt, black yoga pants and a backpack.

Her phone went dead somewhere in the area of the I-55 bridge coming into Memphis, KMBC reported.

“I had offered to take her to a hospital there in the Kansas City area, but she wanted to go somewhere to just get some help at a place that she felt that she could trust and was familiar with,” Pastor Carter was quoted as saying.

Marilane also has family in Alabama, where she was headed.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Anugrah Kumar