Eric Metaxas Says Freedom in America is ‘Utterly Impossible’ Without the Bible After Portland Rioters Burn Bibles

Eric Metaxas speaks to Tucker Carlson on Fox News Aug. 6, 2020. | YouTube/The Eric Metaxas Radio Show

Too many Americans have forgotten that freedom in the U.S. is “utterly impossible” without the values that come from the Bible, said Eric Metaxas in response to the rise in attacks on churches and Christian symbols. 

In an interview with Fox News opinion host Tucker Carlson on Thursday, Metaxas stressed that he wasn’t suggesting everyone living in the U.S. must identify as  Christian. Instead, his point was that the Bible is more than a sacred book; it’s “what led … to freedom and self-government” that most Americans cherish.

“We’ve forgotten that freedom is utterly impossible on the American model without the values we got from the Bible,” said Metaxas, a bestselling author and radio host, in response to images of rioters burning stacks of Bibles in Portland last Friday night.

“All of the Founders understood that the Bible wasn’t just a sacred book for some people. It was what gave us the West and what led to the idea of freedom and self-government,” Metaxas said, asserting that those who are attacking the Bible and Christianity are “attacking foundational ideas” that built the nation.

In Carlson’s segment on the topic of Christianity seemingly being under attack, he and Metaxas discussed the shutting down of churches and indifference toward the rise in vandalism and torching of churches and Catholic statues.

Carlson began the segment by noting that the U.S. has long been a beacon for those seeking religious freedom.

“Since the day it was founded, the United States has been a refuge for people from around the world to worship their gods as they choose,” Carlson said. “That’s precisely why so many of our first European settlers came here. When they wrote our Constitution, in the First Amendment to the Bill of Rights, they explicitly protected religious freedom.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Ryan Foley