Lebanon Mourns the Devastating Beirut Explosion

Image shows smoke from the explosion. (Photo courtesy of Horizons International)

Lebanon has entered a period of national mourning after a massive explosion tore through the city, leaving a smoldering crater in the city’s port. The government has declared a two-week state of emergency and has begun investigating the source of the explosion.

Pierre Houssney of Horizons International says the country was already struggling with an economic crisis and political instability. “This is the triple crisis. Lebanon was just hanging by a thread, and now it just gets rocked by the biggest explosion that’s ever happened in the country, even during the Civil War.”

But Houssney says all of these crises share a connection: corrupt leaders who ignore the welfare of the people for their own gain. “I think we’ve seen the depravity in Lebanon, the human depravity, go to such extents that it’s like how can we blame God for this? We’ve seen that the corrupt leaders have reduced Lebanon to a bone. And now they’ve broken it and they’re sucking out the marrow.  They have milked the infrastructure just drained all the resources that that could have brought prosperity to the people.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Kevin Zeller


  • Pray that the people of Lebanon will find freedom from the oppressive corruption that has shrouded the country for so long.
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