Robert Netzly on Jeff Bezos and Amazon Are Starting to Take Notice of Faith-Based Investors

Jeff Bezos signaled a major change of tone for during his testimony to Congress in the recent tech antitrust proceedings, hinting that the discredited, left-wing extremist group Southern Poverty Law Center’s days of playing gatekeeper for non-profit eligibility in the AmazonSmile program may be running out. This shift in attitude comes hot on the heels of a shareholder resolution supported by a cohort of Christian faith-based investment firms and non-profits that received broad publicity and pressured for their favoring of liberal viewpoints espoused by groups like SPLC and their refusal to give equal play to conservative viewpoints in corporate decisions.

In a remarkable pivot for the tech giant, Bezos admitted that the SPLC is “not perfect” and went on to say that he “would like a better source” and “would like suggestions on better or additional sources” other than the SPLC to help curate their list of eligible non-profits in AmazonSmile.