Believers in Lebanon Unite Over Blast Recovery

Smoke rises from the site of an explosion in Beirut, Lebanon August 4, 2020. REUTERS/Mohamed Azakir

A crisis like the Beirut blast can either divide or unite a community. Uncharted Ministries’ Tom Doyle says it’s bringing believers together throughout Lebanon. “Often, there are divisions within the Church in places like Lebanon and Syria,” he explains.

“But, at a time like this, the Body of Christ comes together. That’s the way it needs to be; that’s the way it should be.”

As rescue teams find bodies in the rubble and new information floods in, few people remain unaffected. “Initially, there’s just this massive shock, but Jesus calls the body of Christ to not sit back during this time,” Doyle says.

In some cases, a unified response involves practical aid and support. In others, believers collectively turn to God for help.

“Believers all through Lebanon and Syria are praying together,” Doyle says. They’re praying “that God would stop the madness, the terrorism, all the terrible things they’ve gone through.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Katey Hearth


  • Ask the Lord to comfort and strengthen the Lebanese people during this difficult time.
  • Pray God will bring something good from this tragedy.
  • Pray for spiritual revival in Lebanon. Pray people will turn to Christ for salvation.