Ukrainian Christian Hope Church Rallies Around Dana and her Family


Note from Jeff: The story this month about 13-year-old Dana Bondarchuk simply reflects events that happen in the lives of our sponsored families. As our media focuses on COVID-19 and social issues in America, families in Ukraine continue to serve and trust Christ. Summer camps are restricted by the government, but our staff and missionaries minister to families as much as possible. I hope you will join us in praying for and supporting Dana’s family and many others like them.

Last month we shared a letter from Lena at the Hearts of Love Center for special needs children. Please remember her in your prayers as she is leading a group of parents and autistic children to the Black Sea. She is also bringing children from a war torn village in Eastern Ukraine. This will be their first time on a major group outing. Keep them in your prayers! Thank you. We hope to have a report from her in the next month or two.
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Dana Bondarchuk’s Medical Emergency

The evening of April 27th was a normal one for the Bondarchuk family. This close knit family had enjoyed a good time together. Mom and dad, former drug addicts before finding Christ, played with their three kids in their small apartment. They appreciate the help they receive through sponsorship and they feel like they have hope for the future. The night of April 27th however, rocked their hopes and dreams.

At one o’clock in the morning, while everyone was sleeping, the mother, Katya woke up suddenly to hear groaning sounds coming from the children’s bedroom. She ran into the room to see her daughter, Dana, lying on the floor with blood pooling around her ear.

“Mama, my head hurts. My ear hurts,” Dana kept saying.

“I lifted Dana from the floor and hugged her,” Katya said. “I felt something wet and saw blood pouring out from Dana’s ear and nose. She started vomiting blood.”

Dana Had A Nightmare

After playing with her family that night, Dana went to bed and began reading her school assignment, “Alice in Wonderland.”

“Before going to sleep Dana was reading ‘Alice in the Wonderland.’ I think it disturbed her so much that in her sleep she was trying to run away from something scary,” Katya said.

As they found out later, Dana had a nightmare and fell off the top bunk bed.  They called an ambulance at once. The ambulance took them to the department of cranial injuries in a Kyiv area hospital.

After an examination and CT scan of Dana’s brain, she was diagnosed with open temporal bone fractures, severe cerebral contusion, and hematoma. Cerebrospinal fluid was leaking through the ear.

“Those first few nights were sleepless,” Katya said.

Their local church was notified and began to pray. Christian Hope Church is well known in Kyiv and they prayed for Dana’s healing night and day for 4 weeks.

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SOURCE: Mercy Projects