Timothy Head on Why is Nevada Allowing More People Into Casinos Than Into Churches?

Last week, the Supreme Court ruled that Nevada can legally limit attendance at indoor religious services to just 50 persons. At the same time, casinos, restaurants, bars, theme parks, and gyms are allowed to operate at 50% capacity.

This is a double standard. Why are houses of worship restricted to an arbitrary number — no matter how big the venue is or what safety precautions are in place — while business capacity is regulated based on the size of the venue?

This ruling unfairly targets churches and other institutions of faith. It tells the American people that the economy is more important to our country’s recovery than our spiritual well-being.

Data has shown otherwise. A Pew Research study found that a quarter of Americans have experienced religious growth because of COVID-19. According to the American Psychological Association, “Religion and belief are now seen by many researchers and clinicians as an important way to cope with trauma and distress.”

Americans are craving spiritual connection. That’s why revivals are happening across the country, with hundreds and thousands of people gathering in New York City and on California’s beaches for worship. It’s also why, according to American Bible Society’s State of the Bible 2020 report, two-thirds of American adults now say they want to learn more about Scripture.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Timothy Head