Odell Beckham says the 2020 NFL season should be canceled: ‘I just feel like it shouldn’t happen’

With just under six weeks to go until the start of the regular season, the NFL could soon have a crisis on its hands, and that’s because one of the league’s biggest stars isn’t on board with the idea of playing football this year. During an interview with WSJ. Magazine this week, Odell Beckham made it clear that he thinks the 2020 season should be canceled.

The Browns receiver didn’t mince words when he was asked his thoughts about playing during a pandemic.

“I just feel like the season shouldn’t happen,” Beckham said. “And I’m prepared for it to not happen and I wouldn’t mind not having it.”

According to Beckham, it made sense for basketball to restart, but trying to play an entire football season doesn’t make any sense due to the logistics involved. Not only do NFL teams have much larger rosters than basketball teams, but the NBA is playing in a bubble while the NFL decided to take a pass on putting players in a bubble.

“Obviously with everything that’s going on, it doesn’t make sense why we’re trying to do this,” Beckham said. “I can understand basketball was already in the playoffs. Five-on-five basketball in an arena is going to be more intense than regular-season games. Hooping is different than playing an eleven-on-eleven contact sport where there’s 80 people in a locker room.”

Source: CBS