Antipas Harris on Coronavirus and Racial Bias in the Healthcare System

Four months after COVID-19 brought the nation to a standstill, Americans are waking up to an inescapable reality: an uncontrolled virus is steamrolling the nation leaving death and devastation — with no end in sight. Ranking the world’s highest coronavirus death toll, chaos and confusion reign in every state of the Union. Politicians offer misleading advice and protesters challenge lockdown directives while medical experts continually warn bewildered citizens to maintain infection-mitigating behaviors.

And as the nation celebrated its Declaration of Independence, it became clear that, in the eyes of COVID-19, the proclamation “…that all men are created equal,” falls short. A July 5 New York Times article revealed, “Latino and African-American residents of the United States have been three times as likely to become infected as their white neighbors,” according to new data released by the CDC.