Michigan Court of Appeals Releases 15-Year-Old Black Girl who was Sent to Juvenile Detention for Ten Weeks for ‘Failing to Do her Homework’ After Huge Backlash

The decision to send Grace to juvenile detention sparked outrage and prompted a protest to be held in front of the Oakland County Circuit Court on July 16

The Michigan Court of Appeals has released a 15-year-old girl from a juvenile facility where she was sent after failing to complete her homework.

The teen, who has been referred to as ‘Grace’ in various media reports, was sent to the Children’s Village detention center in Detroit on May 14  after judge Mary Ellen Brennan declared that the youngster’s failure to complete the school work had violated the terms of her parole.

The decision sparked outrage and a subsequent protest, but Judge Brennan defended her decision during a hearing late last month.

‘My role is to make decisions that are in this young lady’s best interest, period. I took an oath that I would not be swayed by public clamor or fear of criticism,’ she stated inside Oakland County Circuit Court.

She claimed Grace was placed in the juvenile facility because she was a threat to her mother and that police had been called out three times for confrontations between the pair.

However, on Friday, the Court of Appeals issued an emergency order for Grace’s immediate release, whereupon she was reunited with her mom, who goes by the pseudonym of ‘Charisse’.

A spokesperson for Charisse told The Associated Press Friday that she ‘is enjoying having her daughter being home, and will determine her and Grace’s interest in speaking publicly next week.’

The story began last year after Grace was charged with stealing another student’s cellphone and assaulting Charisse during a row.

In an interview published last month with ProPublica, Charisse explained that Grace suffers from ADHD, and that the pair had begun family therapy after the assault.

During sentencing in April, Grace tearfully begged Judge Brennan not to send her to a juvenile detention facility.

‘My mom and I do get into a lot of arguments, but with each one I learn something and try to analyze why it happened,’ the teen sobbed.

‘My mom and I are working each day to better ourselves and our relationship, and I think that the removal from my home would be an intrusion on our progress.’