As China Seeks to Get Back to Normal, Christian Seminaries Reopen – but Where are the Students?

Photo courtesy of China Partner.

While most of the world is still in the trenches with COVID-19, some regions are starting to look to the future. China, once ground zero for the pandemic, has seen looser lockdown restrictions and fewer cases as the country attempts to move back toward regular life.

That includes seminaries that China Partner is in contact with. Teachers are preparing materials for the fall, schools are discussing safe opening plans, and pastors are ready to get back to training a new generation of Christian leaders.

But will they have anyone to teach?

An unfriendly climate for new leaders?

China Partner’s Erik Burklin reports that students are actually difficult to come by. A combination of COVID-induced uncertainty and new, tighter restrictions on Christians have led parents to become nervous. Rather than sending their children to become new leaders and teachers, they’re encouraging young people to hang back and pursue other career opportunities.

“That’s concerning, of course, to all the schools because fewer students means less money,” Burklin says.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Alex Anhalt


  • Pray for Chinese seminaries struggling to find support.
  • Ask God to come alongside the Chinese Church as they reintegrate back into normalcy.
  • Thank Him for the prayers Chinese believers have sent to the rest of the global Church.