Lecrae Reveals That He’s Considering Retiring From Music

Lecrae participates in the memorial service for Ravi Zacharias at Passion City Church in Atlanta, Georgia, on May 29, 2020. | YouTube/ RZIM

Reach Records founder and beloved hip-hop artist Lecrae revealed that he’s considering retiring from music after his upcoming album, Restoration.

The popular Christian entertainer was a guest on Rapzilla’s “Community During Chaos” Instagram live session on Tuesday alongside artists Coop and CJ Luckey.

During the interview, Lecrae spoke of Black Lives Matter, the “White Blessing” incident, the LGBT community, and his new album and book.

“I’m a prophet. I’m going to say what’s true,” Lecrae said, speaking of his tendency to advocate for what he believes. “Whether that’s ‘send me, I’ll go,’ whether that’s rebel, rebel against the culture, whether that’s equality, whatever it is I’m going to be about that.”

“That’s always what I’m going to be on so who knows what it’ll be in the next season of my life but that’s where I’m at right now.”

After several delays, due to COVID-19, Lecrae’s next album, Restoration, is due to release in the near future. The popular Grammy Award-winning artist who shares his message of faith publicly revealed that this project might actually be his last full-length feature.

Restoration, I mean, honestly, everybody says it’s the best album ever made, but this is for real. And this might be it for me,” Lecrae told Rapzilla. “I mean I’ll probably do some mixtapes, but I don’t know if I’m making another full-featured album.”

“So it might be it, we’ll see, that’s kind of how I’m feeling.”

The rapping veteran said his reason for considering music retirement is because he wants to make room for other young artists coming up in the ranks.

“It’s a younger generation right now man, so you know, I feel like I may give them another Church Clothes and close a chapter out,” he said. “There’s some new blood out here and I just want the new blood to come and do their thing. So Restoration feels like, ‘Yo, here it is.’ I don’t know [but] that’s how I’m feeling.”

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Source: Christian Post