Dr. Alveda King Rebukes Obama for Political Remarks at John Lewis’ Funeral

(Facebook/Alveda King)

Former President Barack Obama chose to turn Thursday’s four-hour funeral service for Congressman John Lewis into a political moment yesterday when he launched into a tirade against what he called “the attacks on democracy” our country is experiencing. But Alveda King, pro-life activist and niece of Martin Luther King, said in an interview on Fox & Friends that Obama’s words reveal how the Left will “grab at any opportunity” to push its agenda forward.

“I’ve chosen not to politicize the death of Congressman Lewis but to remember him as a peaceful nonviolent warrior and encourage everyone to resolve our conflicts peacefully,” King said, referring to Obama’s comments about topics ranging from the Voting Rights Act to granting statehood to the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico to nationwide civil unrest.

“President Obama, with word play, took us back to the 1960s. And that was a time when segregation was still on the books, segregation was still legal, and those in power, some of them, were trying to enforce that and keep that,” King said.”Today, when the National Guard goes in, sent by the president, for example, or the state troopers, they’re trying to protect the people of America in every community and to save lives and protect people. There is a totally distinct difference.”

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SOURCE: Charisma News