John MacArthur says “This is a Triumphant Hour for the Church” as he Leads Grace Community Church to Meet in Defiance of Local Orders Due to Coronavirus

Pastor John MacArthur threw the gauntlet down to the government telling church members in his congregation and around America that this is not a time to fear.

“This is not a problem to be feared. This is a triumphant hour for the church to be the church,” MacArthur said. “Standing for the glory of our Lord is more important in this hour than I’ve ever known it in my life. For His glory, we will stand and meet and worship and preach the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

MacArthur received a raucous welcome at Grace Community Church in Los Angeles, California today, Sunday July 26, 2020. MacArthur’s church defied local orders banning the church service—and it appeared a large crowd attended with many of the attendees boldly not wearing a mask. Earlier it was unclear how the State of California and local authorities would react. However, the service concluded without the power being cut as Grace To You Executive Director Phil Johnson worried.

MacArthur read from the Book of Daniel, chapter 6 and explored the purpose of the church and the eternal condition of the lost world citing Scripture that shows the lost world does not understand the spiritual things—in fact the things of God are foolishness to the world.

MacArthur pointed out the double standard during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

“They kept the abortion clinics open…along with the liquor stores,” MacArthur said noting how the State of California and local officials prioritized their own interests over the spiritual interests of the church.

In another part of the message, MacArthur made a specific point of highlighting how the secular world does not understand the church.

“We understand that the world does not understand the importance of the church,” MacArthur said. “The world does not understand that it is not only essential, but it is the only hope for eternal life for doomed sinners.”

MacArthur pointed out that the places providing spiritual needs were shut down while other places for physical needs were kept open.

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SOURCE: Capstone Report