Barna Survey Says Next Gen Christians View Missions Differently

Image is a representative stock photo courtesy of mostafa meraji via Unsplash.

You might support missions but question its ethics if you’re under the age of 35, according to the latest study from Barna Research. A third of young adults describe Christian missions’ past as “unethical”; 42-percent point to colonialism as a cause for concern.

TWR’s Jon Fugler is a member of the Alliance for the Unreached. Instead of criticism, he describes the feedback as a catalyst for change. “Methods are going to change over time, over seasons. The key is [to] enter this with the right heart to be used by God, how He wants us to be used, instead of saying, ‘No, you are wrong. Now, this is the right way to do it,’” Fugler says.

“The younger generation is challenging us to think a little bit more creatively and contextually, and that’s good. I think the younger generation set the bar higher for us.”

Fugler invites believers young and old into a new approach to an existing mission. Under a new banner, the Alliance for the Unreached is making the Gospel accessible to all.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Katey Hearth


  • Ask God to break your heart for those who have no access or little access to the Gospel.
  • Seek His direction in how He wants you to respond.