Survey Finds, Half of Americans Believe ‘Cancel Culture’ Has Gone Too Far in It’s Societal Influence

(Unsplash/Markus Winkler)

A plurality of Americans—46%—believe so-called “cancel culture” has gone too far in its influence on society, according to a new survey.

The Morning Consult/Politico poll found that only 18% of 1,991 respondents surveyed between July 17-19 “approve of cancel culture,” which is synonymous with culturally sanctioned group shaming. By contrast, 82% of those surveyed disapproved of the phenomenon.

Among Christians, 28% “strongly” or “somewhat” approve of cancel culture. Fifty-one percent of Christians “somewhat” or “strongly” disapprove of the practice.

One of the most telling things about the survey, as pointed out by Forbes’ Andrew Solender, is the fact that only 33% of respondents expressed a strong opinion about cancel culture in one way or the other. And 24% had no opinion at all on the matter.

The survey found 27% of people believe the trend has a “somewhat” or “very” positive effect on the country. Forty-nine percent said it has a “somewhat” or “very” negative impact on our culture.

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SOURCE: Faithwire