Tim Crawshaw on Who Will be the Next Great Evangelist After Billy Graham?

The Apostle Paul will always be hard to beat when it comes to having the most profound impact and legacy for promoting Christianity.

In recent times, Billy Graham comes first to mind as the last big promoter of Christianity that remained free of corruption.

So, who’s it going to be next?

Revival is certain — it’s just a matter of when.

Courtesy of Tim Crawshaw

Interpreting the times through the lens of COVID suggests that revival will come big-time throughout the whole world. In the context of spiritual warfare, COVID is the pre-emptive strike from the enemy to contain the next big move of God.

We know that God is using this time during COVID to his advantage to re-shape the church.

But what about engaging the secular world?

Will there be another household name for the secular world promoting the message of Christianity that they will accept like Billy Graham?

Obviously that’s up to God, but let’s speculate for fun about how he might be preparing a person to fulfill that purpose.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Tim Crawshaw