SAT-7 Provides Saving Help for Abuse Victims in the Middle East

Image is courtesy of SAT-7 on Facebook.

A woman suffering domestic violence in Lebanon was connected to help through the SAT-7 ARABIC program You Are Not Alone.

Recently, You Are Not Alone addressed the problem of domestic violence in the Middle East. Joe Willey says, “Reports of abuse in the Middle East in North Africa (MENA) have surged during the pandemic. This specific caller, Fadia, spoke from Lebanon. In fact, she was on a Lebanese street to avoid being overheard at home.”

Fadia* was beaten daily by her husband, and so were her children. And the laws in Lebanon will not protect Fadia them. Her family knows about the abuse, but they cannot help.

Thankfully, SAT-7 was able to connect Fadia with a local organization that can get her out of the situation. Willey says, “SAT-7 not only shares the Gospel and biblical guidance but also provides practical resources to help those in need. It is an opportunity that we relish to be the hands and feet of Jesus.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Kevin Zeller


  • Pray that SAT-7’s programs would give hope to many in MENA that society has forgotten.
  • Ask God to draw many to Christ through SAT-7’s compassionate work.