John Stonestreet and Roberto Rivera on Is the Coronavirus an Opportunity to Redefine the Human Species?

A rendered image of the double-stranded helixes of several spans of Deoxy-Ribonucleic Acid (DNA). | (Photo: Pixabay/qimono)

Recently, the world learned that researchers at London’s Francis Crick Institute used CRISPR technology to genetically edit 18 embryos. Around half of the embryos suffered the kinds of major mutations and genetic damage that could lead to birth defects and life-shortening medical problems. The horrifying results led one gene-editing expert to call for “a restraining order for all genome editors to stay the living daylights away from embryo editing.”

Unfortunately, the desire to play god with the human genome is not easily discouraged. For example, consider the title of a recent article at Wired which proclaimed a “Neobiological Revolution,” –  “Covid-19 Is Accelerating Human Transformation—Let’s Not Waste It.”