Jack Lucas on Discipleship for Our New Normal

Jack Lucas is director of leadership development for the Illinois Baptist State Association.

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (BP) — My recent conversation with a student minister reminded me of a unique challenge brought on by all the virtual gatherings we’re having during the coronavirus pandemic. He had become aware of the need to plan guys-only and girls-only online meetings, so that leaders could ask students difficult accountability questions about their screen time.

In other words, he wanted to make sure students were fleeing the temptations so easily available online — now that much of their day is spent using a screen to do all the things they used to do at school and at church.

Even as in-person gatherings become more common this summer, that’s a question we all should answer, students and adults alike: Are we aware of online temptation, even if that temptation is simply to spend too much time online? How can you be constructive about your “virtual time” — now that it’s taking up an even larger part of your life?

There are others too — unique discipleship issues that have risen out of the sudden need to change almost everything about how we do church and ministry.

Most small groups and Sunday school classes are still meeting virtually, even as weekly worship gatherings start again. Some community groups or Sunday school classes are comprised of several families or couples; other virtual meet-ups are only two or three people.

Whatever the online setting, now is a great time to ask some questions specific to this unprecedented time. How are you spending your time now that many commitments have been put on hold? Are you increasing your Bible reading? Spending more time in devotional-type activities?

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Source: Baptist Press