Florence Littauer, Pioneering Christian Women’s Speaker and Author, Dies at 92

Courtesy of the family of Florence Littauer

Florence Littauer, the pioneering Christian women’s speaker and author who championed messages of hope, encouragement and understanding the personalities, died July 11, 2020. She was 92.

In her 50-year career, Florence authored 40+ books and addressed hundreds of thousands of people in the United States and overseas. Her best-selling book, Personality Plussold over two million copies and was translated into more than 25 languages, spawning a series of books for parents, couples, and work associates. Florence identified four personality types, creating a fun and accessible tool, called The Personality Profile, a self-scoring personality test still in use today that has helped millions of people better understand themselves and others.

Best-selling author, speaker and coach John C. Maxwell called her a “true legend” and described her work on the personalities “life changing” for him and his staff. Florence had presented on the personalities numerous times at his church and through her speaker training seminars, worked with his staff to develop their speaking and leadership skills. “Her work on The Personalities has saved relationships worldwide,” Maxwell said. “I’ve shared the concepts and the popular Personality Profile with audiences everywhere and especially encouraged pastors to equip themselves with her teachings.”