Nolan Harkness on Could God be Preparing Us in a Wilderness Experience?

If you were for some reason called upon today to leave your home in a hurry and could only take what you could carry in your hands, what would you grab? As the children of Israel in Egypt were being prepared by God for the great Exodus, I do not think they really had a clue how quickly they were going to have to vacate Egypt. In the famous movie “The Ten Commandments”, with Charlton Heston, people are shown herding all types of animals, leading camels loaded up with a lot of their earthly belongings and dragging handmade carts filled with whatever they could bring, as they were headed off for an unknown destination where almost none of it would do them any good – the desert!

Imagine with me for a moment that you were there. Imagine that you were one of those Israelites and you had just spent the past several weeks, three to seven theologians estimate, watching the ten plagues fall on the Egyptians. As you watched, you knew God was doing something and you also knew you could soon be freed from slavery, but you had no idea where you would be going. It is sort of like that now for us because of the COVID-19 epidemic and all the social tensions. Their whole world was being turned upside down and so it seems, is ours.