Spoken Worldwide Navigates Humanitarian Work and Sharing the Gospel

Photo courtesy of Spoken Worldwide on Facebook.

Spoken Worldwide continues to meet people’s practical needs through the lens of a God who loves everyone.

We reported on the situation in Kenya, where farmers, desperate due to COVID-19 lockdowns, are selling their daughters into forced marriages. How is Spoken Worldwide dealing with issues like this while still focusing on the Gospel?

Ed Weaver says, “We believe in handing out and dealing with humanitarian information, and in the community development: just what a community’s felt needs are, whether it is issues of trafficking, whether it’s issues of clean water and sanitation, whether it is better [husbandry], better crop growing, whatever it may be.”

Weaver says Spoken Worldwide does help with all of these things through the lens of the Gospel. This works, Weaver says, because God cares about the problems people are going through.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Kevin Zeller


  • Pray that Jesus will draw people to Himself through Spoken Worldwide’s humanitarian work.
  • Ask God to help Spoken Worldwide stay focused on the Gospel as they minister to felt needs in the communities they serve.