Pastor of Fallbrook Church in Houston Says ‘We Are One of the Safest Places in America’ as He Shares All of the Sanitary Measures They Have Taken

Northwest Houston’s Fallbrook Church is one of two churches established as COVID-19 testing sites by New York State. | Office of Gov. Andrew Cuomo

If any one of their more than 10,000-members is going to get sick with the new coronavirus, Olus Holder, executive pastor of Fallbrook Church in Houston, Texas, says they won’t be getting it from attending his church.

Fallbrook, which was founded by Senior Pastor Michael A. Pender Sr., was announced Thursday as one of two COVID-19 testing sites established in the city with help from New York state. The church sits on a 40-acre property and its sanctuary seats about 2,300 people. The other church established as a COVID-19 testing site with aid from New York state is southwest Houston’s Higher Dimension Church.