Kellyanne Conway Won’t Say if Trump Will Be Sending Barron Back to School: ‘That’s a Personal Decision’

Kellyanne Conway could not give a decision about 14-year-old Barron Trump returning to school in the fall, citing that it’s President Donald Trump and Melania Trump’s “personal decision” to let him go or not.

During a gaggle on the White House driveway Friday morning, Conway was asked if Trump would be sending Barron back to school amid his push to reopen campuses across the country.

“That’s a personal decision,” Conway said. “I don’t know what Barron’s school has decided and I certainly do not know what the first couple has decided in respect to their teenage son who I believe is entering high school this year.”

“I have two kids in Maryland also in private schools and I think we’re just waiting to see what those schools say,” Conway continued. “So far we’re told we’re going back in a school not far away from his … We also recognize that not all school districts are the same, not all the hot spots are the same, so there is no one size fits all except to say we do know about kids on balance thrive better when they’re in a structured safe environment like our schools.”

Barron Trump attends St. Andrew’s Episcopal School in Potomac, Maryland, which is about a 30 minute drive from the White House. The school has not currently decided on concrete plans for its 2020-21 academic year, but its website says, “We are hopeful and optimistic that we can do this learning in person, and are preparing our physical plant and educational program with that goal in mind.” Still, it is considering a virtual model of schooling if health concerns require them to, per the school’s website.

Source: Mediaite