Jamie Grace Reveals She Has Lost Thousands of Followers on Social Media After Speaking Out Against Racism

Popular Christian singer and YouTube star Jamie Grace has been vocal about her encounters with racism and on Monday she revealed she’s lost followers as a result of it. 

“I lost about 3,000 twitter followers after sharing my personal stories as a victim of racism and articles about things like white privilege and how to be anti-racist,” Grace tweeted to her hundreds of thousands of followers.

The “Beautiful Day” singer expressed her gratitude for those who are still around.

“So to everyone that’s still here… thank you… and… Nothing’s changed on my end!! Still black!” she quipped.


Grace is one of the few black singers who has had success in Christian contemporary music, whose audiences are predominantly white. Last month, she shared that after a few weeks of posting about racism, it has come to her attention that many of her supporters and friends did not realize racism still existed.

The singer added to her initial tweet that although she’s lost followers on that social media platform, she’s gained others on its competitor platform.

She said, “I should also note that in the land of opposites, my insta has grown significantly over the last few months!”

“Genuinely grateful for anyone who chooses to take time out of their day to listen, read, share, stream… truly! I appreciate you :).”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Jeannie Law